Plas‐Tech serves architects and engineers the plastic components they need to bring their designs to life. We fabricate and install plastic components for indoor and outdoor installations. We also produce plastic components for engineers to exact specifications, providing quality control to ensure your plastic component performs as it should.

Plas‐Tech offer expert, practical design advice about raw materials and fabrication processes, to ensure you get the performance and aesthetic you’re looking for, within budget. To this end, we can fabricate many specialty sheets that have the properties you need, including polycarbonate multi‐wall sheets and systems. Architects might be most interested in the look of our mirrored, textured, and custom colored sheets. These can also offer UV protection or transmission, fire or bullet resistance.

Engineers might be most interested in Plas‐Tech’s top of the line fabrication techniques, that can produce any plastic component you need to exacting standards. Our dedicated quality control department ensures we fulfill our promise to you, achieving the function and look you need.

The Ontario Food Terminal Project

Plas‐Tech has worked with many architects and engineers. One of our proudest projects is the work we did for the Ontario Food Terminal. The Ontario Food Terminal is Canada’s largest wholesale food market, a place where local and imported food producers bring their fresh produce and where grocery stores, restaurants, and other buyers come to purchase it.

After haggling over fresh lettuce, beans, tomatoes, and produce of every kind, the buyer and seller meet in the central pick‐up aisle to move the goods from one truck to another. When the Ontario Food Terminal approached Plas‐Tech, they explained that this zone needed an aesthetic and functional upgrade. We fabricated polycarbonate panels to fulfill their need.

Design Advice: Raw Materials, Fabrication and Finishing

You can trust Plas‐Tech to offer expert advice on raw materials, plastic fabrications techniques, and finishing techniques such as glazings. We’re confident we can provide both the look and function you need from the plastic you use in your own architectural or engineering project.

Consider the design advice we gave the Ontario Food Terminal Project about their environmental challenges. Exposure to the elements can easily damage fresh produce, so our solution had to stand up to many environmental challenges. It had to protect from rain and hold heavy snow loads. It also had to block UV radiation and protect from birds. We recommended a combination of our polycarbonate panels and a specialized glazing to meet these challenges.

On Budget and On Time

Plas‐Tech is the firm you need to partner with if you need a project to be cost‐effective and delivered on time. We suggest the right raw materials and fabrication techniques to meet your needs without exceeding your budget. Plus, we deliver your plastic component to you when you need it.

Consider the cost‐saving advice we have to the Ontario Food Terminal. They needed a lightweight solution so that they wouldn’t need to reinforce their existing support system. They also required a cost‐effective material, as the terminal is entirely funded by usage fees charged to growers and buyers. Plas‐Tech suggested and manufactured a custom gasket system that could connect lightweight polycarbonate panels over long distances, so the panels did not need additional support.

Our Specialty Sheets 

The specialty sheets Plas‐Tech can make for your project include:

  • Scratch resistant (ar, mr10)
  • UV transmitting or blocking (suvt, uvt, op2, op3, op4)
  • Bullet resistant (hygard, lexgard)
  • Textured (p-95, dp-9, satin ice, crystal ice, frost, prismatic, dp-32)
  • Mirrored
  • High impact
  • Fire resistant
  • Custom colors

Contact us at Plas‐Tech to discuss which sheet or system is right for your project.

Polycarbonate Multiwall Sheets and Systems

Our architect and engineer clients frequently make use of our polycarbonate sheets and systems. The various material, construction and glazing combinations of these sheets are used for a huge range of applications, both inside and outside of buildings. We offer brands such as Lexan ®, Makrolon ®, Thermoclear® and Polygal. While the basic colours we offer are clear, bronze and ice, we also make special colours by request, including blue, green, yellow, orange, and turquoise. We used one such polycarbonate sheet for the Ontario Food Terminal project.

Components We’ve Made For Engineers

  • Machine guards
  • Gears
  • Bushings
  • Wear parts
  • Fingers
  • Rollers
  • Safety signs
  • Wear liners
  • Dunnage parts
  • Impact resistant windows
  • PVC door strips
  • Manufacturing fixturing
  • Thermoforming moulds
  • Fold overs
  • Product bins
  • Seals
  • Housing units
  • Chain guides

Engineers will also want to know about our code compliances—we can achieve 94vo and 94hb.

Components We’ve Made For Architects

Exterior products:

  • Canopy/awning materials and systems
  • Polycarbonate barriers
  • Polycarbonate windows
  • Signage materials
  • Custom decorative plastic
  • Building decorations

Interior products:

  • Furniture panels
  • Lighting covers
  • Plastic domes
  • Acrylic shelving
  • Acrylic bins
  • Decorative panels
  • Plastic signage
  • LED acrylic feature boards

Plas‐Tech is Your Architecture and Engineering Partner

Architects and engineers can rely on Plas‐Tech to suggest smart raw materials and fabrication techniques that offer beauty, strength, flexibility, and any other characteristics you need, within your budget. We’ll produce your plastic elements to your exact specifications. Then, we’ll deliver and install it on time, every time. Contact us to get practical, expert advice about your project.