When you’re designing your product or environment, get in touch with us at Plas‐Tech early on. We offer practical design consultation that will make your project a reality. Our advice will detail which materials, production methods and finishing techniques you should use to accomplish your goals.

Our expertise will help you pull off your concept the way you’re envisioning it, without wasting time and money on the wrong materials or manufacturing techniques.

At your first consultation with us, you can bring a vision and basic design, not necessarily a production‐ready design. We’ll make your ideas possible, using our knowledge about the properties of plastic, and a few secrets of plastic manufacturing that we’ve collected over our 28 years of working with plastic.

The Right Material for You

Different materials achieve different looks. Do you need your product to reflect light a certain way? Does it need to be high gloss, or matte? We have an enormous catalogue of plastics that can make any design a reality; see our product catalogue here.

At Plas‐Tech, we’ll suggest the best materials for your design.

Manufacturing within Your Budget

As we make your design practical, we’ll offer suggestions that can reduce your cost without changing the look and function you need to achieve.

At Plas‐Tech we offer all kinds of manufacturing techniques, including those that can save you money by achieving only as much detail as you need.

Printing Quality that Reflects Your Brand

One element of the production process you may want to invest in is printing quality. Our top of the line printer can achieve almost photographic images. Also, it’s curing technology ensures those prints last for years to come.

The high‐quality printing Plas‐Tech offers is a smart way to achieve unique textures and deep colour without opting for a more expensive type of plastic.

Get Design Advice from Plas‐Tech

The right design advice can make all the difference in your project. Contact the experts at Plas‐Tech today and tell us about your design. We promise it’s a call worth making.