Plas‐Tech is your one‐stop shop for custom plastic manufacturing. Our experienced staff give practical, expert advice on which materials, fabrication techniques, or finishing your product needs. If you have detailed plans already, then we will use our top‐of‐the‐line machinery to make your product to your exacting standards.

We’ve expanded with our clients to offer not just plastic manufacturing, but metal work, millwork, painting, and more. It’s our goal to save you time by handling the whole process, from design advice to final assembly.

We’re excited to make any size manufacturing project you have, from single prototypes to large runs. Further, our quality control department ensures each plastic component will meet your standards. Plas‐Tech is the dedicated, expert partner you need for your manufacturing project.

Design Advice: Raw Materials and Fabrication Technique

We pride ourselves on being the experienced partner that can advise clients on which materials would best accomplish their goals. We know the secrets to plastic choice and fabrication and are ready to leverage them for your project. 

For example, for the security panel project, we needed a material that was thermoformable without losing mechanical integrity. It also had to maintain clarity, so that security personnel could see through them. Plus, the material had to be virtually unbreakable, so that no safety threat could get past the panels. Plas‐Tech selected polycarbonate to fit these needs best. This shatter‐proof material can be made bullet‐resistant and stands up to serious force. It remains transparent during thermo‐plastic fabrication too. 

You can also trust Plas‐Tech to use the right manufacturing technique that will create the shape you need, without sacrificing cost‐effectiveness. We decided to used thermoforming to curve the plastic for our security panel project. This process involves warming the plastic and pressing formers into the sheets to create the desired shape. Through this fabrication technique, the plastic retains its strength, a critical need for security panels.

We could have also used vacuum forming for this process, as it can make even more rigid shapes. However, vacuum forming is a more expensive process that offers an unnecessary degree of precision for this project. Thermoforming is still an effective process for the OEM’s needs and was within their budget.

Only an experienced firm can offer real‐life experiences and the expert knowledge that you need to select the right material for your project. Plas‐Tech has twenty‐eight years of experience making the right decisions for all kinds of manufacturing projects. We can do the same for you.

Quality Control and Tight Tolerances

Our dedicated quality control department understands how critical it is to meet all quality needs. Even if your project isn’t a matter of human security, you need your product or plastic product to perform and provide your end user with top value. You can rely on Plas‐Tech to produce components and finished goods that perform to your highest standards, every time.

Many of our machinery and fabrication processes can create tight compliances. Our 5‐Axis CNC machines and 3‐Axis laser cutting machines both have tolerances of  +/- .005 inches. We can provide precision die cutting, detailed tooling, complex line bending, and so much more.

Quality control was essential for our security panel project, as a faulty panel or guard could potentially allow a threat to force their way into a school, powerplant, or airport, risking lives. Plas‐Tech produced the panels and guards to the OEM’s exact specifications, with a high degree of fidelity. We make use of the best fabricating machinery to accomplish this level of precision.

No matter the fabrication technique or finishing services you need, Plas‐Tech always conducts quality control. Our dedicated quality control department ensures that the product we produce matches your specifications to the high degree of fidelity you expect.

Final Product Assembly

The final step in producing your good is final product assembly, and Plas‐Tech is happy to provide this assembly if you need it, whether we produced your plastic component or all of your product.

We’ve mastered more than just plastic production. We now offer millwork, metalwork, and painting. We’re your one‐stop‐shop, and we’ll be with you from advising on materials and fabrication, right to final product assembly.

When you choose Plas‐Tech to manufacture your product, you choose a reliable, practical partner that can help you make the very best decisions and produce your very best product. Reach out to us today to talk about your manufacturing needs.

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