ModiVisor ™ Face Shield

MDEL #11848


Comfortable . Adjustable . Modifiable . Replaceable



Plas-Tech Inc. is proudly launching ModiVisor ™, our new Modifiable Mitigation Faceshield in response to the current Covid-19 crisis. Institutions all over the world are reporting shortages in front-line PPE protection.

The ModiVisor ™ is a comfortable to wear Face Shield that offers the ability to replace the clear PETG (Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol) lens without the use of any glue or hardware. The faceshield can also be adjusted in height thanks to the simple yet innovative headpiece design. 

ModiVisor ™ Features:

  • Easy to Assemble
    • No glue, no staples, no hardware required
  • Replaceable Parts
    • Cleanable Comfortable Foam Headband
    • Non-Latex Elastic Strap
    • High Clarity PETG Shield 
  • Adjustable Shield Height
    • Adjusting shield position to accommodate chin down procedures
  • Standard Interchangeable Lens
    • Single layer clear PETG high clarity lens COVID-19 Mitigation
    • Sold in cost effective replacement kits of 25 pcs per package
  • Premium Interchangeable Lens – Coming soon
    • 5 peelable layers of high clarity material with scratch resistance coating
    • Sterilized Surgical (FDA Approved)
    • Scratch Resistant Single Layer
    • Tinted Lens for welding, UV Light, Anti-Fog
  • Environmentally Conscious
    • The clear lens is replaceable and recyclable as opposed to glued and stapled products which are not replaceable
  • Special Institutional Pricing
    • Starter Kit (Includes 1 Foam Headband, 1 Strap, 1 Lens)
    • Replacement Lens Kits (50 Shields per Kit)
ModiVisor full face shield