Coated Sheet

Our polycarbonate sheet, rod and tube product offering is among the highest in quality on the market. Polycarbonate is approximately 200 times stronger than glass and about ½ the weight. Polycarbonate is available in clear, colors, UV protected and coated for abrasion resistance. Don’t forget to ask about our fabrication services!

Brands include: Lexan ®, Makrolon ®, Paltuf ®, Sheffield, Polygal, MR10, MR15, AR1 and AR2

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Product Variations and Specification

PLA00434, Polycarbonate Clear MR10 Sheet
Resin Polycarbonate
Heating Rating 212 ºF
Additive Hard coated Surface
Color Clear
Process Extruded
Surface Smooth
Shape Sheet
Unit sq ft
Thickness 1/8 in
3 mm
Width 48 in
Length 96 in