You have a concept, a design, or a dream. Plas‐Tech has the material and manufacturing know‐how to make it a reality. We are your one‐stop shop for your product, sign, store fixture, prototype, or any project you’re envisioning.

Plastic is our specialty, but we also work with glass, wood, metal, and more. We even provide millwork and painting. We will take on projects of all sizes, from prototypes to large production runs.

Our retail clients come to us with a look they want to produce. Maybe that’s a glossy tabletop, a plastic spring that needs to look metallic, or a neon sign that should feel like the sky. When you work with Plas‐Tech, you don’t need to have a technical drawing, or even too many specifics—just a rough sketch.

During our consultation, we’ll work to understand your concept and how you want it to look. Afterwards, we’ll come up with the design, materials, and a plan on how to fabricate it.

When you partner with Plas‐Tech, you don’t have to know about fabrication techniques or even the characteristics of different plastics. We have the skill to choose from our extensive stock of plastics to find the material that will deliver the look and function you want.

We also have the techniques and the machinery to make unique and complex shapes. When choosing your material and manufacturing process, we’re also committed to working within your budget.

With your approval, we’ll move onto manufacturing and get your project done on your timeline. We also provide quality control and final assembly services. Working with us is simple, and puts the world of plastic fabrication at your fingertips.

The Right Materials

There are tricks to the plastic trade that Plas‐Tech can leverage to your advantage. There are many technical and environmental challenges you’ll face, but we will guide you through them. The first hurdle is choosing a material.

Our catalogue of plastics is huge, so choosing your material may seem overwhelming, but you don’t have to. We’ve been working with plastic for 28 years and know which materials will best make your concept reality no matter what look or function you want to achieve.

Within Budget and On Time

We can work with you when money isn’t an object. However, not all projects have that luxury. We understand that at Plas‐Tech, so we’re upfront about the costs of our materials and fabrication. Plus, we know how to make your project affordable without sacrificing its success.

One material may be stronger, or tougher than you really need. One fabrication process might be more precise than your product requires, using up your valuable time. Another plastic manufacturing might suggest you break your budget or miss your deadline for that material or manufacturing technique, but not Plas‐Tech.

Working with Plas‐Tech

What is it like working with Plas‐Tech? It’s easy. We listen to your concept and make it reality within your budget and on time. While we take on unique projects all of the time, some of the more common projects we’ve created for our retail clients include:

  • Product Displays
  • Store Fixtures
  • Retail Environments
  • Experiential Marketing
  • Event Activation
  • Point of Purchase Displays

Whatever your vision, we can create it. Contact Plas‐Tech today and tell us about your concept.

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