Plas‐Tech is the leading distributor of plastic materials as sheets, rods, and tubes in the GTA and all of North America. We sell high‐quality plastics including top brands like Acrylite ®, Lexan ®, and Plexiglas ®. We can provide custom colours for many of our materials. We even distribute infrequently requested niche plastics. Find all of our products listed below, with product numbers included for easy reference.

Acrylic Sheet, Acrylic Rod & Acrylic Tube

Brands include: Acrylite ®, ACRYLITE® GP, Plexiglas ®, Optix ®, Polycast and Lucite

Acrylic is lightweight, shatter resistant, and easy to fabricate, even to exacting standards. You can accomplish virtually any shape or finish with acrylic. Plas‐Tech provides several high‐quality continuously manufactured acrylic products to suit your needs.

  • Acrylic Mirror Sheet (#4) : A glass‐quality mirror that offer all of the advantages of acrylic.
  • Cast Acrylic Sheet: Cast acrylic offers outstanding optical characteristics and low internal stress levels, for consistency. We offer clear cast, suvt acrylic sheet, and textured cast acrylic sheet.
  • Extruded Acrylic Sheet: Extruded acrylic is roughly 20 times stronger than glass, but roughly half the weight. We offer clear, coloured, and textured extruded acrylic sheet.
  • Coated Acrylic Sheet
  • Clear Extruded Acrylic Rod (#13)

Polycarbonate Sheet

Brands include: Lexan ®, Makrolon ®, Paltuf ®, Sheffield, Polygal, MR10, MR15, AR1 and AR2

Polycarbonate is a transparent, shatterproof plastic that is favoured by architects and interior designers, especially for outdoor use.

  • Monolithic Sheet: Plas‐Tech offers coated, general purpose and bullet resistant polycarbonate sheets.
  • Standard Structured Polycarbonate Sheets (#97)
  • Polycarbonate Multiwall Sheets and Systems: Plas‐Tech offers clear, bronze and ice polycarbonate multiwall sheet and systems.

ABS Sheet (#16)

Brands include: Spartech, Federal Plastics

ABS sheet is, by far, the most well‐rounded product when cost is a factor. It has high rigidity, high dimensional stability, great chemical impact resistance, good sound dampening properties, and good impact resistance even at low temperatures. Its continuous use temperature is 170°F.

Primarily, we provide ABS Sheet in black and white, but we can extrude colours in relatively low volumes. Surface finishes range from gloss to haircell (grainy).

Acetal Sheet (#21) & Acetal Rod (#30)

Brands include: Quadrant (Delrin and Delrin AF), Rochling (Sustarin and Sustarin H A F), Plastifab, ZL Plastic, Nytef

Acetal is a general‐purpose porosity‐free copolymer (we also distribute the homopolymer from Delrin). Easily machined, acetal has outstanding dimensional stability and is a fine choice for close tolerance parts. Acetal also has a low coefficient of friction and outstanding wear properties, especially in wet or moist environments.    

All of our acetal sheets and rods are free of core or centerline porosity, due to our outstanding manufacturing process.

  • Acetal AF Rod (#2)

Copolyester PETG Sheet (#5)

Brands include: Vivak ®, Ultratuf ®, Spectar ®, PET‐G, Spartech and Sheffield

PETG is a transparent, thermoplastic sheet that is favoured by the point‐of‐purchase industry. It provides superior structural integrity even when fine detail is needed, but is more cost‐effective than polycarbonate.

Nylon Sheet & Nylon Rod

Brands include: Quadrant, Roechling (Sustamid), Plastifab and ZL Plastics

Nylon is a soft thermoplastic material that can be processed into many shapes, as well as fibres and films. It can provide impact resistance and sliding. While lightweight, it is highly resistant to chemicals and abrasion.

  • Extruded Nylon Sheet (#15)
  • Cast Nylon Rod
  • Extruded Nylon Rod (#27)

Olefin Sheet & Olefin Rod

Brands include: Quadrant (Tivar), Rochling (Polystone) and Polymer Industries

Olefin is a synthetic fibre available from Plas‐Tech as LDPE, UHMW and HDPE. LDPE is soft, flexible and tough, even at low temperatures.

  • LDPE Sheet (#5)
  • LDPE Rod (#3)

UHMW is self‐lubricating, impact resistant and has a low coefficient of friction.

  • UHMW Sheet (#8)
  • UHMW Rod (#17)

HDPE a multi‐purpose material that has high chemical and impact resistance.

  • HDPE Sheet (#29)
  • HDPE Rod (#5)

Phenolic Sheet

Phenolic is a cost‐effective material with outstanding electrical properties. Plas‐Tech offers Phenolic CE, a weave fabric with high mechanical strength.

Polypropylene Sheet (#10) & Polypropylene Rod

Brands include: Quadrant, Rochling and Polymer Industries (Densetec)

Polypropylene is a highly chemical resistant material, even at high temperatures. That, coupled with its high tensile strength, makes polypropylene an outstanding choice for laboratories and industrial applications.

PTFE Sheet (#7) & PTFE Rod (#6)

Brands include: Quadrant (Fluorosint), Plastifab, ZL Plastic and Teflon

PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) offers chemical resistance and a continuous use temperature to 500°F (260°C). Plas‐Tech offers Fluorosint enhanced PTFE which also achieves low frictionality and dimensional stability.

PVC Sheet & Rigid PVC Rod

Brands include: Alcan, Intefoam, Intecel, Sintra, Quadrant and ZL Plastics

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a light‐weight and scratch resistant material that reliably contains liquid.  You can achieve virtually any shape with PVC.

  • Expanded Foam PVC Sheet (#11): Plas‐Tech provides custom colours.
  • Rigid PVC Sheet (#3): Only Type I, Grade I gray to conform to ASTM D‐1784.

Security Sheet

Brands include: Polycast ®, Acryshield L3 and Plexiglas ®

Security sheet is an acrylic ballistic sheet which adds protection from handguns, including .44 magnum. Plas‐Tech offers MP 1.25 sheet and 1.25 Acryshield shield L3.

Styrene Sheet (#8)

Brands include: Spartech, Federal Plastics

Styrene sheet is a visual marvel that provides vivid colour in signs, displays, and packaging.