Print direct to most plastic materials

Plas‐Tech has advanced printing technology that we use to finish your projects. 

Why Print to Plastic?

When you think of how you want your product to look, or how you want your brand to be represented, you think of a clear, crisp image with rich colour. Printing to plastic is versatile. It’s the perfect way to get a specific look that will give your product the wow‐factor. It’s also a great way to make use of the unique images your graphic artists have already created.

Your Design Possibilities

Plas‐Tech has printed plastic to look like wood grain, stone, and lattice. We’ve also added geometrical and tile patterns. Of course, you can print words and images onto your plastic, including your brand’s logo or any other design you can create.

Our advanced printer can work with almost all of our plastics, including acrylic, polycarbonate, styrene, and PVC. We can easily produce borderless prints to maximize your material, or we can place your smaller image precisely where you want it on the sheet. You can rely on Plas-Tech to print to your specifications, every time. 

Our top of the line printer allows for excellent quality and durability of the print, even on transparent materials. Your design will look almost photographic. Plas‐Tech’s printed plastics stand up to scrutiny upon close inspection and when you view them from the furthest distances. They’ll stay that rich for years to come.

When printing with Plas‐Tech, your imagination is truly the limit. All you need to provide is the artwork and specify your sheet plastic—we’ll do the rest.

Our Printer Specifications

Plas‐Tech has a Fujifilm Acuity HS 38. This extraordinary printer is the industry standard for quality plastic printing. Part of what makes it so innovative is its extra colour channels—it uses up to eight, which allow for unique print quality, speed, and durability.

For example, with two white colour channels, our printer can add images to transparent material at a superior density of colour. This creates a high definition image that looks stark on any plastic. Two of the other extra channels allow for greater colour control so that Plas‐Tech can create your exact hue. This printer is worthy of fine art!

Those extra colour channels also allow Plas‐Tech to print dense colour onto materials that will be back‐lit, which is part of what makes the signs we create so rich and vivid. Remember, you don’t need to make your whole sign with us to take advantage of this tremendous printing power.

Print on Any Plastic

You can use our versatile printer with essentially any of our plastic sheets, whether a roll or rigid material, including acrylic, polycarbonate, PVC, styrene, and more. Contact us to discuss if we can print to the plastic you have in mind.

Achieve Printing Durability 

Plas‐Tech offers laminating services that can help keep your prints vivid for a lifetime. Hot laminates, Matte laminates, Floor laminates, Gloss laminates can all be applied to the surface of any large format direct to substrate printed substrate.

When Time is a Factor

Part of what helps Plas‐Tech get our projects to you on time is the efficiency of our printer. We find it has an ideal bed set‐up with zones. It achieves a superior print speed with the extra colour channels, and it has quick curing technology to dry faster. The same technology that helps us finish manufacturing projects on time can get your image printed faster.

Printing to Sheet with Plas‐Tech

What do you need to print with Plas‐Tech? Tell us what sheet plastic you’d like to use, send us the artwork, and tell us where you want it to go. We’ll take care of everything else, to produce a durable, high‐quality image.

Contact Plas‐Tech for printing quotes, or to discuss which plastic sheet would work best for your needs.